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With over 30 years of professional experience, we have the vision to offer tried and true advice that works to meet your individual needs.



Our Story

Welcome to Beacon Asset Management where we help people make wise financial decisions.  In today’s economic environment you face a myriad of financial challenges.  Defining what you want to accomplish and knowing why it’s important to you will help you find the motivation to achieve your dreams.  Beacon Asset Management will look out for your best interests and create an action plan that is tailor-made for you.

Who We Are

We are an independent, fee only financial advisory firm in Owensboro, Kentucky.  This means that we do not receive any commissions and our compensation is only for advising you.  This creates an objective environment, without conflicts of interest.  We have the fiduciary responsibility to provide advice that is in your absolute best interest. 

We assist clients with a multitude of financial decisions.  Some include transitioning to retirement; navigating government benefits; enduring death, divorce, and loss of health; funding college; getting out of debt; receiving and managing an inheritance; choosing retirement plans; selecting an assisted living facility and/or long term care facility; purchasing appropriate insurance coverage for various risks and distributing wealth at death.

Our Vision

We all have dreams, and making wise financial decisions will help you accomplish your goals.  We welcome you to call today to receive a complementary consultation and get on the path to making your dreams reality.  

About Us




Financial Planning

Financial planning takes a comprehensive look at your financial status and determines whether you are taking advantage of all the suitable strategies to protect assets, minimize taxes, and maximize wealth opportunities with appropriate consideration of risks.

Investment Advisory

We believe that maximizing your wealth opportunities includes successfully managing your investment accounts.   We provide our investment advisory services on a fee only basis.  We are proud to use TD Ameritrade as the custodian for all investment advisory accounts.

What We Offer



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Strong Ethics

At Beacon Asset Management we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our clients. It is important that we act with objectivity and competency in everything that we do. We serve with integrity and the upmost diligence. We ensure our actions are always in line with the CFP® Professionals Code of Ethics.

Experienced Leaders

Beacon Asset Management has been in business for two decades. Led by Christina O'Bryan it has built a strong reputation for it's commitment to it's clients and it's engagement in the community. The firm works hard to seek out professional alliances, and utilize technology to maintain excellent service to it's clients.

Personalized Service

Your plans and your finances should be working for you. We work hard to develop an individual plan that works cohesively with your needs. From retirement, estate planning and taxes to investments, budgeting and insurance, we are uniquely qualified to help all your finances work together. 

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4075 Pine Lake Court, 

Owensboro, Ky 42303

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